Roots & Wings On The RUNWAY!

fashionshowapr1_001Roots & Wings Clothing​ will be featured in a Fashion Show TODAY at 3PM SL as part of Mahasiah’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week!  I hope you can stop by and check out not only my clothing (I have a store downstairs below the runway!) but all of the other great fashion that will be walking the runway today.  :)

NEW Butterfly Dresses & FitMesh Boots–50% Off Until April 1!

Brand new to Roots & Wings Clothing today!  All butterfly dresses & FitMesh Boots are 50% off until April 1!  The Butterfly Dresses are rigged mesh, include Materials, and are Copy.  The Wings are Copy/Mod.  The FitMesh Boots are Copy.

Roots & Wings Clothing SLURL:

FREE DRESS @ Roots & Wings Clothing!

stpattysgownadfinalI’ve designed a brand new tiered gown and hat just in time for St. Patrick’s Day–and it’s a gift!  Make sure you have the group active in order to receive the gift.  Check out all the gacha items I have for sale and all of the new steampunk blouses, skirts, and boots!

Roots & Wings Clothing SLURL:


Gacha Items Now On Sale!

gachaitems_001I have a few gacha items for sale! I have two record shelves from Vespertine (L$145 each, cheaper than Marketplace prices!), the ketchup box/truck from Vespertine (L$490, cheaper than Marketplace!), and wall grapevines from primavera in Toscana (L$100). If anyone would like to trade the ketchup box for the cafe (I’d love to create a little gallery for my photography with it) I would definitely be willing to do that, too. Just IM me. :) IMPORTANT:  Please make sure to take your item into inventory after purchase–these are no-copy items. Roots & Wings Gallery SLURL:

vespertinesecretprize2_001P.S.  I now have a FIFTH item–a Japanese lantern!  At just 2 prims, it includes five extra textures!  L$650 (it’s being sold for L$700 on Marketplace!).  It is Vespertine Secret Prize #2.

Outlet @ Roots & Wings Clothing!

The third floor of Roots & Wings Clothing is now an outlet shop!  Every piece of clothing on the third floor is 50% off!  This is a perfect opportunity for some shopping therapy!  Don’t forget Roots & Wings is also participating in the Steam X Hunt, be sure to click the Midnight Mania Board, and check out the Lucky Chair on the third floor as well!

Steam Hunt & New Steampunk Clothing!

I’ve just released 39 steampunk clothing items!  I’m participating in the Steam Hunt this month (I’m stop #79) and I decided to design a blouse, bustle skirt, women’s boots, and men’s shirt and vest as well!  The group gift for this month is the Charlotte Steampunk Blouse.  The Third Life group gift for this month is the Amelia Bustle Skirt.  I’ve also placed the Ophelia Steampunk Blouse and the Harrison Men’s Steampunk Shirt & Vest in the Lucky Chair on the third floor.

Roots & Wings Gallery SLURL:


Steampunk Blouses

Steampunk Bustle Skirts

Steampunk FitMesh Boots

Men’s Steampunk Shirts & Vests

L$1 Mardi Gras Gift!

Happy Mardi Gras!  I’ve placed a few Mardi Gras corset dresses in a vendor at the landing point–and the Bon Temps Corset Dress is only L$1 !

Roots & Wings Clothing SLURL:

Bon Temps Corset Dress & Roots & Wings Gallery & Clothing

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