Roots & Wings @ Inspirational Mental Health

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I’ve set up a shop at Inspirational Mental Health which will become the permanent location of Roots & Wings soon.  The other location will be there for a couple more weeks.  All of the most recent clothing releases are in the new store.  I hope you’ll stop by.  :)

Roots & Wings @ IMH LM:

You can find out more about Inspirational health here:

Halloween At Roots & Wings Clothing!

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I’ve been pretty busy working on my LEA sim but I wanted to make a few things for Halloween.  Here are the first of two dresses I’ll be releasing!  Both are rigged mesh, come in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.  I love these dresses so much, I haven’t been able to take them off for two days!

Roots & Wings Clothing LM:

LEA “Follow Your Soul” :



Follow Your Soul–A LEA Photography Exhibition

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I have created an LEA sim that combines my RL and SL photography which is based around a RL location–Lake Burton in Northeast Georgia.  I spent a lot of time there as a child.  The cabin was built by my great uncle and his brother and their father in 1948.  My grandparents took their children there when they were kids, and when I was born, my parents took me.  I nurtured my love of reading and writing there; in fact, I began my first novel there.  Altho the cabin was destroyed by a tornado (see the photo in the cabin on the sim–I didn’t take this photo, by the way), the memories of the cabin will always live in my soul.

At the landing point, you will find a teleporter that leads to two separate locations: a SL photography gallery and the Poetry Garden.  The LM to Roots & Wings is in a sign by the entrance.  I have placed all of the clothing items using my photography into one vendor in the shop.

I hope you will stop by and enjoy the photography and poetry inspired by a lake where I spent so much time when I was a child.  :)

Follow Your Soul LM:

L$50 Autumn Frame Decor!

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These autumn frames are just L$50 and 1 LI each!  Each are Copy/Modify so you can resize to your heart’s content.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Roots & Wings LM:



L$10 Autumn Dress At Roots & Wings!

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This week the brand new Autumn Patchwork Dress is on sale for just L$10!  The 50% off sale is still going on, and most of the newer clothing is only L$75.


Roots & Wings LM:


In addition, my LEA sim is VERY close to being done, so I hope you’ll visit.  :)  A bit more about the sim:

Everyone has a place where they found their soul.  This is where I found mine.  I found mine in a cabin by a lake where the fog rises in the morning into the mountains like a warm blanket.  I began writing novels here and taking photos here.  Nature can bring forth great inspiration, simply from towering trees or just the midnight sounds of tree frogs and rain hitting a tin roof.

Wander around the sim and you’ll find photography not only from RL but from SL as well.  I’ve also placed several of my tortured prim sculptures among the trees.  Make sure to click the teleporter in front of the cabin to go to The Poetry Garden and the SL Photography Gallery.  This lake is where I followed my soul to realize I have two gifts–writing and photography–and a part of my soul will always be here.

Follow Your Soul (Eliza Cabassoun’s LEA Exhibition) LM:

NEW Autumn Dress Collection @ Roots & Wings!

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I have a brand new collection in the shop today!  The Autumn Breeze Collection of dresses is actually THREE dresses in one!  The length of the top and the skirt can be adjusted.  Sizes included are XXS, XS, S, M, and L.  This week only, the Oak Breeze Dress is just L$75–that’s 50% off!  Check out all the pictures below and I’ll be adding all of the photos to soon.

Roots & Wings LM:

Roots & Wings Flickr:









*Roots & Wings Clothing* Summer Dress Collection Now On Marketplace!

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I have placed all ten summer dresses on marketplace!  Look below for links.  :)  You won’t find these fabrics anywhere else on SL!

Roots & Wings Clothing LM:

Golden Summer Dress DEMO:

blazingwindssummerdress_001Blazing Winds Summer Dress:

celticsummerdress_001Celtic Summer Dress:

coralsummerdress_001Coral Summer Dress:

crimsonseashellssummerdress_001Crimson Seashells Summer Dress:

goldensummerdress_001Golden Summer Dress:

seasidesummerdress_001Seaside Summer Dress:

sunsetfloralsummerdress_001Sunset Floral Summer Dress:

sunshinesummerdress_001Sunshine Summer Dress:

tropicalsummerdress_001Tropical Summer Dress:

watercolorsummerdressbetter_001Watercolor Summer Dress:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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