NEW Autumn Dress Collection @ Roots & Wings!

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I have a brand new collection in the shop today!  The Autumn Breeze Collection of dresses is actually THREE dresses in one!  The length of the top and the skirt can be adjusted.  Sizes included are XXS, XS, S, M, and L.  This week only, the Oak Breeze Dress is just L$75–that’s 50% off!  Check out all the pictures below and I’ll be adding all of the photos to soon.

Roots & Wings LM:

Roots & Wings Flickr:









*Roots & Wings Clothing* Summer Dress Collection Now On Marketplace!

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I have placed all ten summer dresses on marketplace!  Look below for links.  :)  You won’t find these fabrics anywhere else on SL!

Roots & Wings Clothing LM:

Golden Summer Dress DEMO:

blazingwindssummerdress_001Blazing Winds Summer Dress:

celticsummerdress_001Celtic Summer Dress:

coralsummerdress_001Coral Summer Dress:

crimsonseashellssummerdress_001Crimson Seashells Summer Dress:

goldensummerdress_001Golden Summer Dress:

seasidesummerdress_001Seaside Summer Dress:

sunsetfloralsummerdress_001Sunset Floral Summer Dress:

sunshinesummerdress_001Sunshine Summer Dress:

tropicalsummerdress_001Tropical Summer Dress:

watercolorsummerdressbetter_001Watercolor Summer Dress:

Have a wonderful weekend!

New Men’s Hoodie Collection @ Roots & Wings Clothing!

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This week it’s all about the guys!  I have ten autumn themed hoodies in the shop today. They’re priced at only L$149 each.   In addition, two of them–the Rust Men’s Hoodie and the Autumn Sunset Men’s Hoodie–are in lucky boards on the second floor!  I’ve also added the Twilight Daisies Mesh & Fitmesh Sweetheart Dress and the Sunshine Summer Dress to lucky boards.  Check out the Lucky Cupcake as well!  Thanks to Sparkle Aftermath for modeling for me.  :)

Roots & Wings Clothing LM:

Strum Diesel will be performing a benefit concert for Serenity Questi tonight at 5pm SL at Citadel de Aria.  I hope you can stop by.  :)
Citadel de Aria LM:











Have a wonderful Monday!

New Mainstore!

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  I have found a place for a main store and it is now open.  This month’s gift can be found on the sweetheart dress display.  On the second floor, you will find a lucky cupcake and lucky boards!  I hope you’ll stop by soon.  :)

NEW Main Store LM:

NEW GIFT & New Collection @ Roots & Wings Clothing!

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I have a brand new ten dress collection in the gallery today!  The Autumn Sweetheart Dress Collection is available in FitMesh and regular Mesh and comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.  It is also available as a fatpack (save L$100!)  The price will be going up to L$249 each on September 8 so make sure you stop by soon while the introductory sale is going on.  Grab the free demo before you purchase.

In addition, the gift for this month is the Sunset Daisies FitMesh & Mesh Sweetheart Dress!  You’ll find it on the New Board with all the other dresses.

I have also added the Strapless Tops and Summer Shorts to Marketplace!  More items will be added in the coming days.  All the links:

Summer Shorts

Strapless Tops

Please be sure to join my subscribo or my group ( secondlife:///app/group/cc2fb6da-fe90-0278-f0e9-3475d428ff76/about ) for the latest news if you haven’t already.  In addition, check out my social media links below!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Eliza Cabassoun

Roots & Wings Gallery

Mainstore Location Closed

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Due to unforseen circumstances, I have had to close my mainstore location.  I still have the location at London City and that will be my main location until I can get a new mainstore location up and running.  A friend of mine is planning on opening a club soon and she is letting me have a space.  :)  There are good people in SL who are always willing to help someone out, and I will be forever appreciative.  :)

You can find the new summer dresses at the London City location.

Roots & Wings London City:

Summer’s Last Hurrah At Roots & Wings!

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Those of you living in the southern part of the US like me are probably looking forward to fall right about now, seeing as it’s been so hot lately.  In anticipation of that, I’ve designed one last mesh dress for summer.  It’s available in XXS, XS, S, M, and L sizes and uses materials!

This weekend the dress is on sale for L$149 each (fatpack L$1200) but on Monday the price will go up to L$249 (fatpack L$2200).  I hope you’ll stop by and check them out and also stop by and grab the free group gift for this month!  Don’t forget to check out the lucky boards and lucky chairs for summer clothes as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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