New Satellite Shop!

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I’ve rented a shop on the Little Cat GreenEyes sim at the Kiyomizu Shopping Mall!  I’ve placed several different clothing lines there that aren’t available at the main store.  I hope you’ll stop by!


Summer Gacha @ Ten Events Village

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The summer gacha strapless tops and summer shorts are now available at Ten Events Village!  Ten Events Village has created a gacha area where people can rent tables or shops to sell gacha items.  I have rented a table near the landing point.  :)


L$65 Summer Gacha @ Roots & Wings!

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I’ve created 15 strapless mesh tops and 15 mesh summer shorts in wonderful textures for summer!  Each are available in XS, S, M, L, XL and are Copy.  Check out the Summer Gacha Lookbook at and stop by the gallery to try your luck at getting the rares (two in each gacha!).  Also grab the gift for this month and check out the lucky chairs and lucky board!



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I have four new patriotic themed items for you in the gallery today.  :)  All items are rigged mesh except for the skirt of the Betsy Independence Gown.  All items come in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL and are just L$99 each.  Don’t forget that the Betsy Corset Vest is this month’s group gift!

Three of the new releases in lucky chairs and in the lucky board.  :)

Gallery SLURL:





July Group Gift Now Available!

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July 4 is just three days away.  Tomorrow I will have some special patriotic clothing for sale.  Until then, come and pick up the free group gift–the Betsy Corset Vest.  It is rigged mesh and available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!





Blog For Roots & Wings Gallery!

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Are you a fashion blogger?  Would you like to blog for Roots & Wings Gallery?  There are quite a few perks–you’ll get all of my new releases for the gallery, hunt gifts, and event gifts–and your blog will also be added to my blogroll.  There are a few requirements…head on over to to read them and fill out the form if you meet said requirements.  :)  New clothing will be released soon!

In other news…I regret to say there will be no group gift this month.  I’ve been sick since last Wednesday, plus I was busy most of this month with SL11B and Fashion For Life (but there is a free dress available at my SL11B exhibit–just read back in the posts!).  An inner ear infection is not much fun.  :(  I’m working on two new clothing items for the gallery, and one of them will be released as a group gift for July.  Stay tuned.  :)

SL11 Is Now Open!

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SL11 is now open!  It opened yesterday at 12pm SL.  Unfortunately, I was feeling under the weather, so that is why this post is a day late.  My build, Writing Your Soul, is about the future of writing in SL.  I am also participating in the SL11 BIG Hunt.  The hunt item for the SL11 Big Hunt is a dress with my poetry on it.  I also have a gift at the entrance.  :)  I hope you’ll stop by and see it!


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